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  • Decwar  v.1.0Decwar is THE classic Multi-User Game, allowing upto 18 players to join the fight for supremacy in the known galaxy. It ran on PDP-10 mainframes, with players typing commands at their terminals. This project aims to recreate Decwar as a network program.
  • Breaker1.0  v.1.0Arkanoid like.Developped using Code::Blocks and gcc on Win XP, C langage, using SDL library.
  • DBSB  v.1.0dBSB is a single file, pure perl subroutine collection for reading BSB raster maps on a per-row basis used in the bigger project, a nautical navigation & GPS program working on Win, Mac and Linux written in Perl/Tk ...
  • Aquaphysis  v.1.0A Mac fractal creator, editor and rendering app.I will upload code and binaries later. Since I'm using Mac OS X Leopard on Intel, 10.5 and x86 is a requirement. I will compile as Universal Binary.
  • An Alternative SAS Viewer  v.1.0A alternative to the SAS Viewer written in SAS/AF. First presented on 2010-10-05 in BASAS meeting. With extended abilities in sorting, filtering, simple frequency count, statistics and various data review oriented features.
  • The Bat! Simple Export Batch File  v.1.0ECHO This batch file uses the command line capabilites of The Bat! and starts an eml-file export of all accounts complete with subfolders and embedded attachments. ECHO Tested with The Bat! 3.8 and 4.0 on Win XP.
  • Ner - file renaming application  v.1.0The most comprehensive file renaming utility available on Win, Mac, and *nix based platforms, ever. Not only does this application rename files, but it also integrates with various metadata information formats such as EXIF, XMP, and OGG clip info formats ...
  • MySQL NDB Initializer  v.1.0Start up script for MySQL NDB database engine. Tested on openSuSE 10-10.3. Please report to us if you test on other operating system and it works or if port it to another system.
  • Distributed media browser (mediaBridge)  v.1.0defines two deliverables for making it easier to access upnp servers mainly from non-windows clients.(works on win too)the first application is a upnp to html bridge the second application is a client to access upnp content and play via a mplayer applet.
  • IUP.Net  v.1.0.NET Wrapper around the user interface library IUP and the graphic library CD from the guys at techgraf. Quite usable right now but lacks docs and some polishing. Should run on win/linux without recompiling.
  • NeekProtect  v.1.1BetaNeekProtect is a simple and user friendly file and folder encryption program to be used on win 32 platform.
  • BSNES  v.0.068bsnes is an emulator that began development on 2004-10-14.
  • WinX Free DVD Ripper  v.5.6.2WinX Free DVD Ripper helps you rip DVD on Windows 10 to MP4, H.264, DVD to MPEG, DVD to WMV, FLV, MOV, iPhone. It’s the best free DVD ripping freeware for Windows 10/8/7, etc. How to rip encrypted DVD on Windows? This free app lets you rip DVD fast.
  • IObit Uninstaller  v. Uninstaller 8 is a perfect uninstallation tool. It provides an easy and secure way to remove unnecessary programs, Windows apps, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, malicious or Ad plugins, and thoroughly removes all leftovers.
  • ChrisPC Win Experience Index  v.5.00ChrisPC Win Experience Index is the free tool that lets you rate your computer and check again the Windows Experience Index on your Windows 10 installation, giving you the possibility to view the CPU, RAM, HDD scores and more...
  • Aiseesoft 4K Converter  v.8.0.70Aiseesoft 4K Converter is the first 4K video conversion software. It supports converting 4K videos encoded in HEVC/H.265, MPEG, XviD, VP8 and VP9. After converting, you can play 4K videos on PC, Mac, iPhone, TV and upload 4K video to YouTube.
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